NUCCA Treatment

This before-and-after x-ray of a single NUCCA treatment clearly shows how an anonymous patient’s neck was returned to alignment.

I came to Dr Martinet about 17 years ago because I’d had debilitating neck pain as the result of an accident when I was a teenager. I was in my early 40’s and was in pain all the time… I couldn’t sit comfortably, turn my head to talk to the person next to me, look down while cutting food. I felt tired all the time. Dr Martinet immediately saw that my atlas was “out” which to means it was pressing against my spinal column. I continued to come to him whenever I felt that it had gone out, but over the years it started staying in for longer and longer periods. I now need to come in periodically (a few times a year), but unless I have an accident, my neck stays in now. The change in my life was breathtaking. I felt like a tree that had failed to thrive, and now I was getting water and air and could hold my head up without pain. No one else has ever done for me what Dr Martinet did. He is a miracle worker in my estimation.

Dr. Martinet is truly a genius. I came in because I was having a couple of sensitivities to some medication I was taking for my eczema. not only did he clear me of these sensitivities using NAET, he recommended a supplement that he carried to help me with this problem and strengthen my immune system. While he was at it, he released a couple of knots in my neck/ shoulders using his pain technique. i would refer anyone with any kind of medical problem to Dr. Martinet. I can’t stand going to see doctors but I LOVE coming to his office!

I long ago decided that if Dr. Martinet’s clinic ever moved, I would relocate anywhere in the world to follow him! He has been a life saver time and time again for the fifteen years I’ve been a client. When Western doctors misdiagnosed my issues or told me after nine months “Just give it more time”, Dr. Martinet stepped in with compassion, intuition, and remarkable skill and relieved the pain. Cherie has grace and beauty warming as a gentle breeze in the healing energy of the office. I was initially referred by a friend, and now two of my friends have sought care from Dr. Martinet too. We were all complex cases and consider him a miracle worker. I don’t respond to standard crack ’em chiropractic adjustments, but Dr. Martinet is a NUCCA practitioner, which makes all the difference. You couldn’t go wrong giving him a try!