Retained Primitive Reflexes (RPR)

Physical Integration

Retained Primitive Reflexes (RPR) are reflexes that the developing fetus and newborn needs to help him/her survive. Normally integrated into the higher learning centers, these reflexes are not integrated normally if the skull and dura are twisted due to trauma. Dr. Martinet has re-wired these reflexes in many people, adult and children, even those who have had previous craniosacral work.

Some of the conditions that are helped by this work include children’s learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, hyper-activity aggression, hormonal imbalances, sleep apnea, asthma, fine motor skills, posture, speech problems, vision and balance, etc.

RPR has been developed over the last several decades in England and Austrailia, and has been proven to help learning disabilities. Dr. Martinet is one of the few U.S. doctors trained in highly specialized RPR work.

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