Spa Special

Our popular bundled services allows our clients to maximize their healing efforts at an affordable price. This two-hour restorative treatment includes:

  • A 30 min infrared sauna
  • A 1 hour massage, and
  • A 1/2 hour detox footbath

Only $155, (a $205 value)

Your treatment takes place in a relaxing, private room filled with soothing colors and sounds that feels like a real getaway.

Ask about adding our new Firefly treatment while you’re here! 

This powerful healing modality is a quantum leap in frequency therapy. Your 10-minute treatment includes a 2-minute scan and print-out analysis of any parasites, imbalances, inflammatory responses, bloating, or pain sources that are rooted in the microbiome. A targeted treatment follows that resolves most issues, including a brief vagus nerve treatment for anxiety.  $75