Body Wraps

Towel, aromatic candles and other spa objects to make mood relaxing

Body wraps are an efficient and quick way to lose inches from your body. Studies have shown that in one session, you can lose 4 to 14 inches from your entire body!

The treatment starts out with being measured before entering a 20 minute Far-Infrared Sauna session to pull toxins from your body.

After the sauna session has been completed, the patient’s body is exfoliated with a papaya and pumice exfoliate that removes dead skin cells, stimulates the metabolism of the skin and dilates capillaries to let nutrients enter the skin. The exfoliate is then buffed from your skin and the body wrap cream is applied.

The body wrap cream we use promotes healthy and permanent inch loss while maintaining proper hydration throughout the treatment. The cream helps remove cellulite by locating and excreting toxins trapped within the connective tissue and stimulates new tissue growth. Your body is then wrapped and the magic starts!

While waiting for the cream to do it’s job, the patient will enjoy a BEMER 3000 treatment and will experience a Self-Mastery Technique session! After this, you are unwrapped and remeasured. Results are amazing and guaranteed!

This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to lose inches or cellulite from their body or for those who have poor circulation and fluid retention. Call us today to schedule a treatment!