Modern life in Oakland exposes us to toxins our bodies were not built for. To amplify your treatments, Martinet Chiropractic encourages our clients to visit our Advanced Healing Spa, a private sanctuary where you can open your senses and heal.

Advanced Healing Spa

Our health services are complemented by our spa services, custom designed for each client. All of our bodies are different, which means everyone deserves no less than what their specific body requires.

Through a brief, yet thorough survey, you can help us determine which one of our many spa programs you should receive. This survey weighs many factors, including your toxicity level, your pre-diabetic profile, adrenals and thyroid levels to truly put your body on the path toward flourishing health.

By eating well and ridding your body of toxins through detox programs, your body will respond to weight loss and fat elimination very well. Our Far Infrared Sauna and IonCleanse foot bath measurably accelerate detoxification.

In addition to massage, body wraps and our other detox services, we offer nutritional support and “Doctor of Detox” tea and structured water to heal the gut and the colon.