I came to Dr Martinet about 17 years ago because I’d had debilitating neck pain as the result of an accident when I was a teenager. I was in my early 40’s and was in pain all the time… I couldn’t sit comfortably, turn my head to talk to the person next to me, look down while cutting food. I felt tired all the time. Dr Martinet immediately saw that my atlas was “out” which to means it was pressing against my spinal column. I continued to come to him whenever I felt that it had gone out, but over the years it started staying in for longer and longer periods. I now need to come in periodically (a few times a year), but unless I have an accident, my neck stays in now. The change in my life was breathtaking. I felt like a tree that had failed to thrive, and now I was getting water and air and could hold my head up without pain. No one else has ever done for me what Dr Martinet did. He is a miracle worker in my estimation.