Quantum Emotional Techniques

People who have experienced or witnessed the sudden disappearance of lifelong phobias with the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will understand the quantum healing shifts that are possible with energy medicine. Dr. Martinet uses several techniques even more advanced than EFT or even TFT to move the body beyond pain, and to unlock emotional decisions that are blocking full healing.

One of these involves the energy of flowers.

Yes, flowers.

Many people have heard of Bach Flower Essences, used for nearly a hundred years. to correct emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced with positive. Safe for everyone (even plants and pets!), these flower extracts provide a painless influence on our subtle bodies that restores health, harmony, and happiness.

Dr. Martinet uses FlorAlive remedies, which are exponentially more powerful, since they are sourced from live, not cut flowers. Scientifically validated, these essences can help with chronic emotional issues and “shut-down” caused by abuse and other experiences. Using muscle testing, the doctor tests subconscious responses to phrases such as,


A 3-week treatment can cause a permanent shift, which is visible in photographs showing ease and positive emotion on the face.

Dr. Martinet worked with the founder of FlorAlive, Dr. Brent W. Davis, measuring before and after results.

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