Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

Past injuries can cause present, ongoing health issues.

You have many proprioceptors (pro pree o sep tors), or sensory nerves, in all body tissues, ligaments muscles and joints, The sensory nerves send in lots of information such as pain, pressure, body position, etc. that the brain interprets. Your brain then sends out the proper response through the motor system. Dr. Jose Palomar Lever, MD, an award-winning Orthopedic Surgeon who studies the “software” of the body, discovered that in many traumas or injuries the proprioceptors (sensory nerves) do not heal properly, and send incorrect information to the brain. This process can continue in the body long after the injured tissues have healed. The brain, receiving the wrong information, sends out a “corrupted” response to the muscles, joints or organs.

Dr. Palomar also discovered a way to reset the system so that the brain makes an appropriate response based on getting the proper information. When the brain gets accurate information, it can tense and release muscles as needed for good functioning and pain-free living.

 Dr. Martinet is certified in P-DTR as of May, 2017.

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